Supplement Testing

We hear that we should take:

* Vitamin C to fight a cold
* Calcium to retard osteoporosis
* Magnesium for muscle cramps
* B-Complex vitamins to ward off stress,
* Co Q10 and vitamin E to help prevent heart attacks.

But how do we know if we really need a particular vitamin, mineral or herb?

And how much should we be supplementing? 

How much we are getting from the food we eat?

These questions can be answered with a simple pain free test.  The patient brings all the supplements they are currently taking and each is tested to determine need and the proper dose.

If you are curious about a substance you haven't already bought often we can test that substance from a frequency present in the computer's Medical Software.

Testing and Establishing Optimal Doses

This procedure is done with the Electroacupuncture According to Voll (EAV) Machine. A baseline reading is taken from acupoints along the fingers and toes.EAV
Next the supplements are tested one at a time by putting them into the electromagnetic circuit with the patient and taking another reading on the meridian this vitamin is most likely to affect.


The computer will show:

  • if this substance strengthens or weakens the energy of the body.
  • if it strengthens the energy the doctor continues to add pills into the testing well until the ideal dose is established.
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