Biofeedback at Inspiration Center

We now offer biofeedback training via a delightfull video game called Journey to the Wild Divine. Sessions can be booked in 30 minute or 1 hour increments.

Biofeedback training is often done with meters or screens with graphs or numbers in which the patient watches for changes to see how their body is responding to their efforts. That can be a dry and rather boring process.

With this video game the patient has their fingers in a little device that picks up their respiration, heart rate and galvanic skin response. By changing their breathing or thoughts they master different events in the game while they develop skills that serve them in daily life.

Wild Divine Video Game

We offer a free 1 hour session on the game, by appointment, so you can see if this might be a fun and helpful way for you to build concentration, reduce anxiety, raise energy levels, and promote relaxation.

We also sell this game for those who would prefer to practice these skills in the privacy of their own homes.

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